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  • EEMUA - The Engineering Equipment & Materials Users’ Association - is a non-profit membership organisation helping companies that own or operate industrial facilities - the users of engineering equipment and materials.

By demonstrating and pursuing leadership in asset management, EEMUA helps improve the safety, environmental and operating performance of industrial facilities in the most cost-effective way. Member companies manage process plants, power stations offshore platforms, storage terminals and other industrial facilities around the world - engineering assets worth billions of Euros.

EEMUA has been representing users’ interests for more than half a century and yet the Association’s work has probably never been as relevant as now. Maintaining the right balance of in-house engineering expertise, keeping abreast of the regulatory environment and operating capital assets efficiently, effectively and in compliance - these are critical issues for owners of capital plants. The Association's members appreciate the value of the shared user community and the other benefits provided by membership of EEMUA.   


EEMUA announces CompeTank™ course dates for 2015

EEMUA has announced the dates for its TankAssessor™, TankStrategies™ and TankIntro™ courses in 2015. These will be held across Europe; in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The EEMUA CompeTank™ scheme trains, assesses and certifies as competent, those who have responsibility for the inspection, assessment, maintenance and oversight of tank storage operations. CompeTank™ is based on internationally recognised user guides developed by EEMUA and other industry publications, as well as regulations and formal standards.

EEMUA seminar on pressure systems: Containment and corrosion

The EEMUA seminar on pressure systems (Cardiff, Thursday 4 September 2014) will be addressing both primary containment issues and the issue of corrosion under insulation. It will facilitate discussion on many of the key aspects, and provide the opportunity to network with others who are facing similar challenges in optimising plant safety, quality, cost and performance. The seminar should be of particular interest to operating personnel involved in static systems at process and power system plants.

The half-day event is free to EEMUA members (pre-registration required) with an invitation extended to other specially qualified process plant owner/operator companies. To register contact or contact Events on +44 (0)207 488 0801. Download programme

New edition of EEMUA electrical 'Ex' handbook

EEMUA has published the sixth edition of EEMUA Publication 186, "A Practitioner's Handbook for explosive atmospheres".

This latest edition provides a significant update on previous editions, and includes new chapters on mechanical and application design engineering considerations.

EEMUA 186 offers guidance for improving safety in potentially explosive atmospheres, in areas such as petroleum and petrochemical plants, processing industries, power plants, offshore platforms, fuel filling stations, water and wastewater industries, and more, when the failure to adopt safe working practices could result in the ignition of flammable gases or combustible dust.

EEMUA 186 is closely associated with the CompEx® scheme which determines core competency for safe working in potentially hazardous, flammable or explosive atmospheres by checking both the underpinning knowledge and practical skills and attributes of candidates.

EEMUA Publication 186 is available to purchase directly from EEMUA through the Shop. Alternatively orders can be placed by emailing, or by contacting the Sales Department on + 44 (0)207 488 0801.

New EEMUA Industry Information Sheet on technical selection of NDE techniques

A key item for hazardous industries to understand is that while non-destructive examination (NDE) is a useful tool in the evaluation of continuing Fitness For Service (FFS), it must be used appropriately. This requires an understanding of the limitations of the techniques used, especially when dealing with geometries, environments, materials and access conditions which differ from previously validated applications. EEMUA Industry Information Sheet 1 - "Technical selection of NDE techniques when evaluating the mechanical integrity of industrial plant" - provides information that may be considered helpful in evaluating the selection of NDE techniques for specific applications to assess the FFS of industrial assets and lists some relevant (non-exhaustive) source material which may provide further information in this area.

EEMUA Industry Information Sheet 1 is freely available to download - see box opposite.

EEMUA's strengths recognised by Award to its outgoing Chief Executive

EEMUA's success as a strong and influential Association has been recognised by a special Award presented by TAF, the Trade Association Forum.

TAF is a membership organisation that promotes the role of Associations, increases professionalism, and encourages and identifies best practice among UK Trade Associations across all sectors of the economy. TAF's prestigious annual Awards Ceremony is a highlight of the Trade Association year. TAF receives wide support from government and business: in 2014, its Awards Ceremony was attended by around 250 guests at St Georges Hall, Liverpool to coincide with the International Festival for Business.

The TAF Award for "Outstanding Contribution" was presented to Clive Tayler, who stepped down as EEMUA's Chief Executive in May 2014 after 10 highly successful years leading the Association's team of staff, volunteers and others who have helped to build EEMUA to where it is today.

Commenting on the Award, Clive Tayler said: "To receive a TAF Award is a special distinction and one that few Trade Associations can claim any involvement with. It is a mark of professionalism and achievement. Those are exactly the qualities EEMUA aims to deliver for its members.

In making the Award, I believe TAF took into account the many facets of EEMUA's development that the team of directors, employees and collaborators have put in place over recent years: the establishment of a sound membership and financial base for EEMUA, complemented by a growth in its international presence, as well as a growing international reputation across industry, government departments, regulators and others for the high quality of EEMUA publications, engineering technical expertise, competency and training programmes, conferences and events. The EEMUA team is continuing to build on that in 2014 with a significant upgrade to the online technology, which is allowing the Association to provide exciting new services for its members and indeed industry in general.

This TAF Award would not have been possible without the tremendous effort put in by EEMUA's directors, managers, employees and others, who can all claim a share of the credit for the Association's achievements and successes in the past decade. A tenet of EEMUA's members is that they can achieve more by collaborating together. EEMUA's Board and its employees have demonstrated that by their example."

On the announcement of Clive receiving the Award, Dr Stefan Kukula, EEMUA's new Chief Executive said: "This TAF Award reflects the contribution that Clive has made to EEMUA, its members, and the running of a successful industry association with a focus on value to members. My intent is to continue the work to take EEMUA forward".

EEMUA publishes all new edition of world-renowned tank guidance – EEMUA 159

EEMUA has published Edition 4 of its world-renowned tank guidance EEMUA Publication 159, "Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks – a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair".

EEMUA 159 has undergone a complete revision from the last edition. There are now appendices offering additional guidance on how to perform assessment calculations on tank components, illustrated by means of sample calculations, as well as on repair methods. There are also numerous new sections, such as on snow loading, planar tilt and overplating.

EEMUA 159 is intended primarily to assist in the establishment of essential inspection and maintenance requirements for aboveground vertical cylindrical, steel storage tanks, in order to minimise in-service problems and extend useful life. However, for such requirements to be properly interpreted and understood, comprehensive guidance is given on many key design features, on common problems experienced during operation and on repair methods.

The new edition also introduces what is believed to be the world's only combined theory of risk based inspection (RBI) and reliability centred maintenance (RCM) - the "probabilistic preventive maintenance methodology". The different and non-harmonised methodologies of RBI and RCM, since their initiations throughout various aspects of industry (not only storage tanks), have never been combined in the way proposed and implemented in EEMUA 159. The process is time based, condition based and reactive.

The new Edition 4 is available to purchase directly from EEMUA through the Shop. Alternatively orders can be placed by emailing sales@eemua.orgg, or by contacting the Sales Department on + 44 (0)207 488 0801.



EEMUA Pressure Systems Seminar

4 September 2014 – Cardiff, Wales

A half-day seminar focusing on primary containment. Includes an interactive workshop on corrosion under insulation using real case studies. The seminar should be of particular interest to operating personnel involved in static systems at process and power system plants.

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NEW: Industry Information Sheet

Technical selection of NDE techniques when evaluating the mechanical integrity of industrial plant

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New edition of EEMUA electrical 'Ex' handbook EEMUA 186: A Practitioner's Handbook for explosive atmospheres

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All new edition of world-renowned tank guidance EEMUA 159: Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks – a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair

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